What Hills & Wills do?

Hills & Wills provides the following hill property renovation support and advisory in specific hill stations

  • Provides comprehensive renovation plans
  • Renovation Cost Estimation
  • Arrangement of needy resources like handpicked renovation contractors, landscaping expert, plantation experts in the specific hill for the following renovation activities
    • Arrangement of special skills and experts required
    • Civil (Chipping and plastering, renovation of Bathroom, Kitchen, Roof, etc)
    • Electrical and Plumbing
    • Flooring – Polishing, Re-flooring, wooden flooring
    • Carpentry and polishing
    • Landscaping and gardening
  • Guidance to review the bids from above agencies, negotiate and finalize
  • Site visit at specific intervals and Expediting the progress of the work (Frequency of visit as per client need)
  • Professional Expediting report submission to client with photos, key issues and progress
Why Hills & Wills renovate property service?

The reason for Hills & Wills being the preferred choice of hill property sellers than other property portals

Renovation doesn’t need to be done at high cost always as everyone thinks. In most of the cases, maintaining the heritage of a building rather than replacing it with modern material will be a wise renovation technique and cost effective but it needs experience and expertise like Hills & Wills. Moreover, the intention of a renovation contractor will be to make profit out of the service quiet naturally and they may not advise such simple techniques. Whereas Hills & Wills always try to advice the most economical renovate property solutions to its client and execute it at most competitive price than others since our ultimate task is different like sale of the property.

This is an unparallel property management service offered by Hills & Wills to support its clients to prepare their property for a better sale value, increase the probability of sale or enjoy the property hassle free. It is a unique support by Hills & Wills to the hill property owners and not by any other traditional property portals.

Hill property renovation is different than that of at Plains

The working environment especially weather in hills are different and has impact on specific works like painting, wood polishing, exterior works, etc. Comparing to plains, the material of construction used in hillside are vast, ranges from wood, stone, red brick to logs. Special skill and advanced materials are required for renovation at hill weather – Avail Hills & Wills expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether it is wood house, stone house, red brick house, log house or brick mortar house, they all need renovation

It ranges from weeks to months depending on the scope of work and the weather which has a major role in painting, wood polishing and exterior works.

Renovation fee varies case to case which depends on parameters like which hill station, scope of work, extent of work, time frame to complete renovation, etc – It is a project specific estimate and quote.

Independent house, villa, apartment and form houses in all type of construction

At present in Kodaikanal, Ooty, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Gudalur, Rest of Nilgiris and Courtallam.


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