Wayanad Real Estate growth factors

  • Not too cold in winter at Wayanad and ideal for elderly people and retirement life.
  • Strategic location of Wayanad - Close to the border of 3 States - Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu.
  • Nearest hill station to many cities of Kerala lures visitors to beat the heat in hot summers.
  • Caves and forests sheltering several wild life species such as Asian elephants, tigers, and primitive petroglyphs is an inevitable factor attracting visitors.
  • Affordable Wayanad property rates comparing to major Kerala cities like Cochin and Trivandrum
  • Sharp inclination in Wayanad property price curve motivates both buyers and sellers.
  • Flourishing agriculture and cultivation of numerous cash crops are revenue boosters motivating investors to buy property in Wayanad.
  • Hassle free city lifestyle in nature's own district yet with luxury amenities leverages dream home seekers to buy Wayanad properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For summer home, vacation/ weekend home, social distancing life style, stress free life, rejuvenating health in pollution free environment, retirement life amidst nature, social status, best investment and agriculture revenue with related benefits, etc.

They are not making land anymore – It is a famous quote and real estate is the best investment on earth, in general. Cities expand horizontally and vertically whereas hill stations can’t and the spaces available in hill stations are limited. The travelling habit among Indians for vacation and the number of people who wish to own a property in hill station for different purpose is ever increasing. Hence hill stations real estate is flourishing ever, appreciating consistently and became one of a best investment option in real estate.

Independent houses, Villas with lawn & Garden, Cottages, Wooden houses, Farm Houses amidst plantation, Residential Plots, Agriculture Lands, Estates (Tea, Coffee, Pepper, Cardamom, etc), Orchards (Apple, Orange, Strawberry, etc) and Commercial properties (Resorts, Shops, Hotels, Home stays, etc) in hill stations are commonly available for sale. Apartments are rarely available in small hill stations.

Hills & Wills is an online advertising platform/ property for hill station properties which facilitates the Advertisers to post property Ad for free or on a paid listing plan with unique features and Buyers to connect with them.

REGISTER as a ‘Seller’ and LOGIN – GO TO My Account/ Listing Dashboard – CLICK ‘Post Hill Property’ icon – CREATE your property Ad by entering the details (By Selecting ‘Sale’ Option) – CHOOSE a listing plan (Free or paid – Read them before choosing it as it has impact on reach and response) – COMPLETE the Ad – POST your Ad for online property sales.

Hillsandwills.com is a specialty property portal made exclusively for hill station real estate and hence the hill property sellers can display/ list property more preciously than in any other property selling sites and reach more hill property buying interest audience. Moreover, Hills & Wills offers the lowest advertisement cost/ listing free for the Paid Ad plans with highest Ad validity in the industry and a unique free listing plan (Refer Plan / Sale Ad Plan Page). Most importantly hillsandwills.com knows how to sell property online better than others when it is in a hill station.

Click ‘Buy’ menu in the top bar and find the Indian hill stations largest/ unique/ latest collection of property listing. You can apply the filter for your desired hill station, choose a matching property to your requirement and connect with the property advertiser directly.


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