Hill Station Real Estate Advisory At A Glance

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'Hill Real Estate Advisory' is a process of gaining insight about a scenario (incuding real estate market trends) or finding solution for a situation (including construction support, renovation assistance and property monitoring) or getting suggestions by a User (seller or buyer or builder or promoter). Hills & Wills does this by sharing possible hill station knowledge and data, analyze the situation, digging informaiton, working out various options and providing best possible suggestions to its User through systematic approach and at its discretion.

'Hill Real Estate Advisory' is available

Hills & Wills provides this free service to its eligible Users as mentioned above with an intention to provide them an insight and or suggestions. It shall be the ultimate reponsiblity of the User who availed it to verify independently and decide on the insights and suggestions provided by Hills & Wills and before taking any decision in their sale or buying process. The User who is elgible, understands and agrees to this, shall fix an appointment with Hills & Wills through the above wizard for this Advisory. This service is not available to Users other than the above memtioned eligible users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. Any query about a property listed on Hills & Wills has to be clarified by that property advertiser and not by Hills & Wills which has to be dealt between the advertiser and buyer.

If you are an eligible User, request an appointment through the above ‘Interested in Hill Realty or Property Advisory’ wizard. Hills & Wills will confirm an appointment and will connect with you.

No. It is purely on appointment basis as it can be attended by an expert, requires atleast 10 to 15 minutes time of teleconversation and  subsequent calls in some cases. Calls without prior appointment will not be entertained.

Yes. 10 AM to 6 PM IST (Mon – Sat) subject to prior appointment

No. It is available to the eligible users as mentioned above


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