What Hills & Wills do?

Hills & Wills doesn’t do construction, it provides the following needy hill construction support and advisory in specific hill stations

  • Architectural assistance
    • Building design
    • Landscaping design
  • Project cost estimation
  • Construction Support
    • Arrangement of needy resources like handpicked construction contractors, landscaping expert, plantation experts in the specific hill
    • Introduction of special skills like wood house construction, wooden flooring, interior decorators, etc
    • Guidance to review the bids from above agencies, negotiate and finalize
    • Site visit at specific intervals and Expediting the progress of project (Frequency of visit as per client need)
    • Professional Expediting report submission to client with photos, key issues and progress
    • Assistance for successful completion of the project with expert suggestions and networking resources
Why a buyer needs construction support of Hills & Wills?

Third party expediting by Hills & Wills ensures its client updated about the actual progress of project and issues at the site, if any. Surprise visits from Hills & Wills local hill office as the owner’s representation keeps the contractors under watch and “Check” to perform well in their absence at hills – Ideal for property owners away from hill station or new to it. The major advantage are assistance to connect with key resources required in the specific hill on time to time for completion of the project and “knowledge partnering” with hill side construction expertise.

Type of constructions in hill side

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Approx. INR 2500 to 3000 per square feet for quality construction with brick and concrete which varies and depends on hill station, slop of site, type of architecture, etc. It is excluding revetment, access way, fencing, water management and land scaping

Yes, wooden house is cheaper (about 2/3 cost) and faster (max. 30 days) than conventional construction using brick and concrete. Added advantages are enhanced social status, increased thermal comfort, better seismic resistance and can be retrofitted

Yes. Like in city, a client can get bank loan for construction of home at hill stations depending on his financial eligibility and Hills & Wills provides possible assistance for the same to its clients in specific hill stations.

No. It varies across Indian hill stations and states

Architectural assistance and construction support fee varies case to case which depends on parameters like which hill station, type of construction, extent of construction, scope of Hills & Wills, frequency of expediting visits required at site, etc – It is a project specific estimate and quote.


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