Courtallam Real estate growth drivers

  • Peculiar climate of drizzles almost around the year – Different from traditional hill stations and heavenly experience preferred by nature lovers
  • Amidst numerous waterfalls and one of the best place in south India for relaxation
  • Status of owning property with private falls
  • Abundant water and fertile land ideal for cultivation throughout the year
  • Property rate in Courtallam is cheaper than hill stations
  • Well connected through road and railway (Tenkasi)
  • Evergreen tourism and forestry related business
  • Excellent trading options since bordering two states, Tamilnadu and Kerala

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Why a Property Buyer need A  Professional Hill Real Estate Agency in Courtallam?

Today buying a property seems to be so easy through online resources just like any other online shopping. But it is not so. The online resources assist a buyer only in few activities of the real estate buying process by just displaying a list of properties and providing the leads. There are many other key aspects in the process such as site visit, market analysis, negotiation, documentation, and registration, for which they don’t give a hand. Most importantly, the dream of a hill...Read More

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Courtallam - A Rare Low Altitude Hill Station

Courtallam bags the title ‘The Spa of South India’ due to numerous waterfalls and the medicinal characteristics of its water. A town located nearly 160 m above sea level at the foothills of the Agasthiyamalai in the Western Ghats, replicating Ooty, the Queen of Hill Stations. Though it is at a low altitude, the temperature is intact and comfortable throughout the year due to frequent drizzles and qualifies for a hill station. Courtallam name is derived from the Tamil word ‘Kuru Aal’,...Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For social status, best investment, summer home, social distancing home, stress relief home and agricultural revenue with tax benefits

Yes. "They are not making land anymore"- It is a famous quote and real estate is the best investment on earth, in general. Cities expand horizontally and vertically whereas hill stations can't, hence hill station real estate is flourishing ever and independent of economy fluctuations – NRI's preferred investment.

Unlike plains, hill station properties are as unique as finger prints in terms of climate, view, terrain, access, water source, etc and even adjacent properties are not alike. A professional real estate agency with in depth knowledge about a specific hill is required to make better judgment and save money.

Independent houses, Villas, Farm House, Residential Plots, Agriculture Land and Commercial properties are commonly available in hill station for sale. Apartments are rarely available.

The western and eastern ghat has many hill stations. Out of which, Kodaikanal, Ooty, Gudalur, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Yercaud, Kolli Hills, Yelagiri, Kuttalam, Munnar and Coorg are the best.


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