What is the best investment for Non Resident Indians (NRI) and Why?

Real estate sector in hill station is a niche market that alone ever green due to the following facts

  • Ever increasing purpose of owning hill station properties
    • Summer home to beat the heat from kings time but popular since 19th century
    • Plantation of cash crops since 19th Century
    • Bejeweled property for social status since 20th Century
    • Vacation home to relax from city life stress since 2010
    • Social Distancing to manage Pandemic since 2020 …..
  • Limited space - City can expand but hills can’t
  • Increasing supply versus demand
Why Hills & Wills

The most preferred choice of Non Resident Indians (NRI) than property portals

Though hill station real estate is lucrative, many factors pulling back the investors from investing there which are

Hills & Wills, was founded with a vision to provide solution to the above bottle necks through complete spectrum of NRI services in Hill Station Real Estate under one roof, right from hill realty advisory, hill property buying, hill property selling, NRI property management Services like construction support, rental assistance, renovation Support and property monitoring for hassle free investment and enjoyment of hill property

Hills & Wills differs from property portal in many ways

The purpose of NRI investment varies person to person and a specific hill station can’t suit to all. Hills & Wills exclusively deals with hill station properties across south India, more hill station options for a NRI to choose based on his need. Similarly, properties in a hill station are “as unique as finger print” in terms of view, climate, access, terrain, etc and even adjacent properties are not alike. Hills & Wills provide world class hill realty advisory to NRI right from selection of hill station, through property selection, site visit (Physical or Virtual), negotiation, documentation and till registration.

Apart from NRI investment in real estate, Hills & Wills provides “NRI Property Management Service” which includes Construction support, Rental assistance, Renovation support and Property monitoring in specific hill stations to protect their interest and investment – First of its kind in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hill station real estate enquiries are increased in 2020 Q2 comparing to 2019 Q2 due to the new dimension of real estate "Social Distancing" despite of other real estate sector in India almost come to halt.

After spending most of their life in soaring heat at Middle East Asia deserts, they wish to enjoy the retired life by spending in Indian hill stations apart from enjoying a high return on investment "ROI" at hill property

They spent most of their life in a low temperature region and when they return to India, the primary problem to them is the heat and hill station investment become their first choice for comfortable stay

When NRIs return to India, real estate is their first choice than other investment options. Most NRI traditionally go with the advice of their relatives or friends, they misled NRI to invest in a wrong realty sector due to lack of knowledge or for hidden interest and the NRIs regret later. Nowadays NRIs look for professional real estate advisor like Hills & Wills before they invest.

Hills & Wills property buying, selling and rental services in all the hill stations across south India but property management services only in Kodaikanal, Ooty, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Gudalur, Rest of Nilgiris and Courtallam at present through its local hill offices and resources

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