If it is a Hill Station Property Ad, Hills & Wills is the Right Fit for Best Result!

Hills & Wills is the 1st & Only property portal in India exclusively for hill station real estate
Advantages of Advertising on Hills & Wills
Unlimited Leads
Most Competitive and Fixed Ad Listing Fee

Ad listing fee irrespective of property value - Doesn't vary with respect to property value

Unlimited Leads
Privacy Mode - Mobile Number Privacy

'Paid Membership Buyers' alone can contact you and 'Quality Response / No Junk Calls'

Unlimited Leads
Explore Mode (In Paid Ad Listings only)

You can allow 'Free Menbership Buyers' also to contact you, and 'Increased Response'

Unlimited Leads
Specialized Property Portal for Hill Stations

Unique features to specify a hill station property precisely than anywhere else

Unlimited Leads
Hill Property Buyers Favorite Site

Most preferred & frequently visited site by hill station property buyers in India

Unlimited Leads
Targeted Reach (In Standard & Adv Plans)

Notification to registered buyers with matching requirement



Standard Visibility (X)
3 Months Validity
Access to Paid Buyers Only
Access to Free Buyers
Display on Top Banner
Display on Showcases
Property Description by Expert
Add-On Supports
Notification to Matching Buyers
Extended Reach through Google Ad

Most Economical Ad Plan in India



Up to 3X Visibility
6 Months Validity
Access to Free & Paid Buyers
Access to Paid Buyers Only (Optional)
Display on Top Banner
Standard Showcase Visibility
Property Description by Expert
Add-On Supports
Notification to Matching Buyers
Extended Reach through Google Ad

Value for Money Ad Plan in India



Up to 6X Visibility
9 Months Validity
Access to Free & Paid Buyers
Access to Paid Buyers Only (Optional)
Display on Top Banner
Premium Showcase Visibility +
Property Description by Expert
Add-On Supports
25+ Notification to Matching Buyers
Extended Reach through Google Ad

The Best Combo Ad Plan in India



Up to 10X Visibility
1 Year Validity
Access to Free & Paid Buyers
Access to Paid Buyers Only (Optional)
Display on Top Banner
Elite Showcase Visibility ++
Property Description by Expert
Add-On Supports
100+ Notification to Matching Buyers
Extended Reach through Google Ad
Note :
  • In Paid Ad listing, You can chose to post Ad in 'Privacy Mode' or 'Explore Mode'. You can switch between them from your dashboard as and when required.
  • Extended reach through Google Ad on Advanced Listing Plan is for 1 Month. Its strategy purely at the discretion of hillsandwills.com and it may be promotion on Google or YouTube or Combination of both which subjects to various factors like quality of input (Photos & Video) provided by the Advertiser, submission of input during Ad posting, video without copy right issue, market dynamics, etc.
  • Add - On Supports (Optional) - 'Extended Reach' Add-On support can be enabled in 'Standard' Plan or extended in 'Standard' & 'Advanced' Plans from your dashboard on chargeable basis. A to Z Sale Assistance' Add-On support is available in specific hill stations only (At present in the Nilgiri mountains & Kodaikanal) which can be enabled from your dashboard after listing the Ad and acceptance by Hills & Wills upon site inspection
  • Complementary offers like free trial on paid plan, free renewal, etc are at the discretion of Hills & Wills
  • For projects, customized promotion packages are available upon request through the below form submission
  • The listing fee quoted above is for single Ad listing only
  • Please choose the listing plan carefully as the Listing Fee is non refundable and non transferrable to another plan or service
For Assistance : help@hillsandwills.com
WhatsApp 9500800900
Mon - Fri 10AM to 5PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


You can only advertise / list property in Ooty, Shimla, Darjeeling, Jammu Kashmir, Munnar, Coorg, Dehradun, Kullu Manali, Lonavala, Mussoorie, Siliguri, Nainital Kodaikanal, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Solan, Rishikesh, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Valparai, Yercaud, Yelagiri, Wayanad, Idukki, Chikmagalur, Kolli hills or in any other Indian hill stations.

Out of the online property selling sites in India, hillsandwills.com is the first and only property listing site dedicatedly for hill stations real estate with unique features to display a hill property more preciously than elsewhere and meticulously designed to provide high standard of service to the HNI advertisers with unique features like advertiser mobile number privacy protection / no Junk calls, sophisticated seller dashboard to monitor their Ad performance in a transparent way, etc.

Hills & Wills offers the right blend of "Free Ad Plan", most competitive "Paid Ad Plans" in India and matchless "Advanced Plan" with unparallel extended reach to buyers through Google Ads - Most importantly it is on fixed advertisement fee concept and doesn't vary based on the property value. In specific plans, the advertisers have the flexibility to enable / extend Add-On supports like extended reach through Google Ads as and when required and "A to Z Sale Assistance" in specific hill stations.

Hills & Wills offers incomparable, cost effective and customized Ad packages for Promoters / Builders / Agencies / Dealers based on their dissimilar requirement.

hillsandwills.com is the right online platform to list a property for sale when it is in hill station

  • You can display your hill station property Ad more precisely and professionally than elsewhere 
  • You can protect your mobile number privacy through 'Privacy Mode'
  • You can switch between 'Privacy Mode' or 'Explore Mode' as and when required (in paid Ad plans)
  • You can exhibit your Ad beyond borders
  • You can reach hill station property buyers across boundaries and quickly
  • You can get best response and deal because it is the most visited & preferred real estate website by hill property buyers including NRI across continents, etc..

  • Step 1 - Register as a "Seller" and Login  
  • Step 2 - Click 'Post Property Ad' icon and Open your Ad wizard
  • Step 3 - Choose 'Sale' option and Enter your property details 
  • Step 4 - Upload the property Photos and Video
  • Step 5 - Choose your suitable Ad Listing Plan
  • Step 6 - Choose 'Privacy Mode' or 'Explore Mode' (Only in Paid Ad Listing Plans)
  • Step 7 - Post your Property Advertisement on this unique hill property selling website.

Yes. Hillsandwills.com provides property posting assistance irrespective of the Ad plan you choose. If you have any difficulties to post properties / upload Photos or Video, you can just leave a message through the form in HELP menu and Hills & Wills help team will connect with you and assist.

  • If it is a house with larger extent of land around it with plantations, choose the "Farm house" category

  • If it is a fairly large house with an external patio, front garden and detached from crowd, choose the 'Villa' category
  • If it is a traditional or old-fashioned small house or the one useful on specific season, choose the 'Cottage' category
  • If it is any other type of house, choose the "Independent House" category
  • If it is a piece of land eligible for house construction, choose the "Residential Plot" category
  • If it is a dwelling unit on a multistory building with UDS, choose the "Apartment" category
  • If it is a small extent of land suitable for farming, choose the "Agriculture Land" category
  • If it is a fairly large extent of land with specific plantation, choose the 'Estate' category
  • If it is a commercial land or building, choose "Commercial Property" category

Unlike plains, hill station properties are like finger prints and even adjacent properties will have different gradient, view, plantation and access type. Without Photos and Video, it is practically not possible for a buyer to understand the property clearly. Moreover, visuals always speak louder than words and hence hillsandwills.com being a hill PRO among the property posting sites, always insists to upload at least one photo of the property

  • No. of photos can be uploaded per Ad - 10
  • Min. dimension of Photos - 800 x 500 pixels
  • Max. file size of a Photo - 2 MB
  • Upload one Video  by entering the YouTube video link
  • Upload maximum quantity of Photos & Video with good quality showing both property details and view from the property for best Ad performance resulting quick online property sales.

Privacy Mode 

Only Paid Membership Buyers can access the advertiser contact detail and connect with them

Suitable for advertisers who are looking for 'Quality Response Only' and / or 'High Privacy Protection for Mobile Number'  

Explore Mode (Option available in Paid Ad Listing Plans) 

All (Free & Paid Membership) Buyers can access the advertiser contact detail and connect with them

Suitable for advertisers who are looking for 'Increased Quantity of Responses' and / or 'Quick Sale' opportunity 

Bungalow / Villa / Cottage / Home selling on hill stations is tougher than at plains because it is mostly second home or luxury home buyer’s market. To post house for sale Ad on hillsandwills.com, provide the basic details like building / land size, price, age of the house, BHK and amenities as usual.

In addition, hillsandwills.com being an expert online platform asks for details like water source, access way type, type of construction (wooden / Stone / Brick), plantation around, back yard, lawn, garden, room heater, fire place and quality photos / video showing view from the house in order to give a clear picture about the property to the buyers remotely located and to sell home / villa / bungalow / cottage quickly in hill stations.

Though there are many plots / land selling websites in India, hillsandwills.com is the fitting choice and knows how to sell plot / residential & agriculture land online and quickly in hill stations. To post plot / land for sale, hillsandwills.com distinctively asks for additional details like view from the property, water source to the plot (Well / Natural Spring / Stream / Government connection), access way type, etc so that the buyers are able to visualise the property in hill station without ambiguity and quickly decide on buying it.

Selling flat / apartment in plains are very common and there are many online flat sale sites for it. But in hill stations flats are rarely available (except few hill stations like Dehradun, Shimla, etc) and it is a tough task to sell flat online in hills because the hill property buyers are mostly high net worth individuals who prefer a house or villa with lawn, garden and back yard.

When you want to advertise flat for sale in a hill station, hillsandwills.com is the ultimate choice as it is familiar with hill stations better than other traditional flat selling websites and knows how to sell flat / apartment quickly there. To achieve this, hillsandwills.com mandatorily asks for vital info like the view from the balcony and related photos when you post flat for sale on it in addition to usual BHK, price and amenity details. For example, a flat in Dehradun with Mussoorie hill view or a flat with water body view matters a lot and it is the key to convert a visitor into a buyer for it.

There are many commercial property listing sites in India but the ideal choice to post commercial property Ad in hill station is hillsandwills.com because selling commercial property on a hill station is not so easy due to less local population and buyers for it there. Knowing the secret of how to sell commercial property in a hill station, hillsandwills.com focus on reaching interested buyers beyond boundaries.

To sell hotel / resort online, details like water source, view from the property, revenue from the property and ambience around the property are essential on hillsandwills.com. To sell shop online quickly, information like parking space and access way are a must. In any case, photos showing the commercial property features and the view from the property are mandatory to list commercial property for sale on hillsandwills.com to give a clear idea to the buyers away and for quick conversion.

  • You will have the option to choose 'Privacy Mode' or 'Explore Mode' and to switch between these modes as and when required from your dashboard to enjoy respective mode's benefit
  • Your Ad will have increased visibility through display in the top banner and respective show cases 
  • Your Ad can instantly reach potential hill station buyers pool through 'Notification to Registered Buyers' with matching requirement (In Standard & Advanced Plans)
  • You will have the 'Add-On Supports' (In Standard & Advanced Plans)
  • Your Ad will have additional / extended reach through Google network Ads (In Advanced Ad Plan), etc... 

An individual property owner needs only one buyer to sell his / her property. Whereas a project will have numerous plots or villa or apartment and the promoter / builder of it needs plenty of buyers through enormous response generation - This means many folds higher reach is required through an extraordinary Ad promotion and suitable advertisement strategy, that is why a customized Ad package is essential for the projects. 

Need Customized Ad Package?

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