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Hill Stations / Kodaikanal

“Princess of Hill stations” – Kodaikanal

Known fondly as the “Princess of Hill Stations”, Kodaikanal is a popular hill station among tourists, in South India. The name ‘Kodaikanal’ translates to two different meanings, one which means the “Gift of the Forest” and the other that means “A place to see in Summer” – two meanings to which Kodaikanal, with its pleasant weather, the dense Shola and Pine forest cover, and the flora and fauna that bejewels this little town, pays complete justice to.

Altitude and Weather of Kodaikanal

It is located at a height of 2133 m above sea level, 115 km west of Madurai, and 127 km south of Coimbatore. It lies in the Dindugul district and sits on top of the Palani Hill range.
Temperature in summer: 24°C – 12°c, Temperature in winter: 20°C – 8°c

Tourist Attractions in Kodaikanal

The peaks in and around Kodaikanal are always surrounded by thick layers of mist, which creates a dreamy, chilly and beautiful environment. This lush misty climate could be the cause of small ‘Chill – valleys’ nearby, not allowing the mist to escape. This feature is unique to Kodaikanal.

There are more than 30 tourist attractions in and around Kodaikanal, the most important are The Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park, Coaker’s Walk, Kurinji Andavar Temple, Vattakanal, Chocolate Factories, Various Water Falls, Pine Forests, Film Shooting Spots, Green value view (Suicide Point), etc.

Real Estate in Kodaikanal – Scenario

Like any other famous hill station, Kodaikanal is adored by all and many people long to live there. It is not commercialized yet and crowded to the extent of Ooty. The natural beauty, misty weather, pollution free environment and the chocolate factory make it a dream destination for people to build their second home. But most of them have constraints in sourcing, understanding the local statutory laws, etc and have apprehensions like monitoring the property in remote location, construction support and maintenance, etc which pull them back – Hills & Wills like professional companies are the solution for them to own their piece of their peace in Kodaikanal, without breaking a sweat.

Buy & Sell property in Kodaikanal – Why Hills & Wills

Hills & Wills is a premium property management company exclusively for hill stations and has strong presence in real estate at Kodaikanal. Whether you want to buy or sell a farm house or villa or residential plot or estates or farms or house in Kodaikanal, it is within our spectrum of property offerings and we ensure that you get it at lowest price. We understand client requirement (like stress relief, agriculture revenue, investment purpose, summer home, etc) and provide customized property solutions to them.

Investment in Kodaikanal – Preferred by NRI

Due to the increased stress level of business men and top executives and their need to rejuvenate through short vacations at the hands of nature, Increased Air Quality Index (like in Delhi) and peoples look out for low AQI locations to save their health, ever increasing summer temperature in plains / metro cities and the need for people to beat the heat, etc., the demand for properties in Kodaikanal and its value is shooting up continuously. Hence it is one of the preferred investment options in the hand of everyone now a day. Hills & Wills is the preferred reality company of Non Resident Indians (NRI) and IT professional, when they think of owning a property in Kodaikanal due to our unparallel after sales property management services in Kodaikanal and our expert advisory.

Best Realty Company in Kodaikanal

Hills & Wills is a professionally managed company, offers the following services which helped many to overcome their constrains and apprehensions in owning their dream property at Kodaikanal.

  • Property buying in Kodaikanal
  • Property Selling in Kodaikanal
  • Construction support
  • Renovation
  • Rental Assistance
  • Property Monitoring

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Main Tourist Spots Timing

Kurinji Andavar Temple | 7:00 am – 7:00 pm Kodaikanal Lake9.00am | 5.30pm Bryant Park9.00am | 6.00pm Coaker’s Walk timings | 7:30am–6.00pm

Supply of vegetables from hills hit due to “Janata Curfew” on Sunday 22nd March 2020

Sunday curfew led to shortage of vegetables at Trichy Market on Monday, as trucks were unable to bring vegetables from Ooty, Kodaikanal and Mettupalayam. Vegetables. Usually, vegetables from these hilly places would be transported to the markets in plains from late night to deliver early the next day. But, the extension of the curfew till Monday morning has halted it which led to this situation and vegetable price hike, vendors said.

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