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Hill Stations / Kotagiri

“The Mountain of the Kotas” – Kotagiri

When people say “The Nilgiris”, what people are reminded of is Ooty and Coonoor, but there are other beautiful places that are yet unexplored. One of those places is Kotagiri. On the route downhill from Ooty, at 30 km away is Kotagiri, a name that stands for “The mountain of the Kotas” and was the home to native Kota tribes. This little hill town sheds British influence and a historic feel all around, with English street names, Waterfalls, British styled buildings, hiking and trekking trails and so much more. This is often considered as a hidden wonder in the Nilgiris, hidden behind the Queen’s throne at the top. Jaw-dropping views, endless hills and tea estates all around make up the beauty of this little hill-town.

Altitude and Weather of Kotagiri

Kotagiri stands at 1,847 above sea level, at about 30 km from Ooty and around 128 km South of Mysore.
Temperature in summer: 10°C – 20°C, Temperature in winter: 0°C – 20°C – weather in Kotagiri bit more cooler than in Ooty and Kodaikanal.

Tourist Attractions in Kotagiri

Some of the most famous tourist spots in Kotagiri are the Longwood Shola Reserve Forest, Kodanad View Point, Rangaswamy peak and pillar, John Sullivan memorial, Elk Falls, etc.
Kotagiri can be reached through the Kotagiri Ghat roads. It is close to the Coonoor Railway station, part of the famous “Nilgiri Mountain Railway” at 22.3 km and 21 km from the Coimbatore Railway station.

Real Estate in Kotagiri – Scenario

Kotagiri is one of the unexplored beauties of India. She is a ‘Sister’ to the Queen of South Indian hill stations, Ooty and is the place where the British first began to colonize and build. This place gives you a nostalgic and premium feel with British styled buildings and churches and English names all around, surrounded by the lush greenery of the Shola forests and the tea estates. This could be an ideal place for anybody that loves peace – it is safe to say that this place, Kotagiri, is a complete embodiment of Peace, Nature and Solidarity, that could replenish your mind’s will to love your life. If find a villa or a farmhouse for sale in Kotagiri, consider yourself to be lucky! Being experts in Hill Station realty, Hills & Wills are here to give you the best Kotagiri real estate advisory, services and experience to ensure you enjoy the peace and smoothness of process, as you would enjoy in your home in Kotagiri.

Buy property in Kotagiri– Why Hills & Wills

Kotagiri is a place unexplored because of the way it has been preserved from the commercialization – To buy property in Kotagiri isn’t as easy as it can be said. Without a guide, like Hills & Wills, property buying in Kotagiri is going to be a meticulous, tough ordeal. Whichever property you have in mind – farmhouse, estate, villa, or bungalows, we’d make sure you get only the best after scrutiny for views, property’s condition, constructional demands, etc.

Investment in Kotagiri – The land of the Kotas, could now be the land of your 2nd home

A place that keeps reminding us of how old we are and our heritage is a place that’s special. Making an investment in Kotagiri will definitely be as special as it in itself is, since it is a hill station town, that has been maintained with utmost care, so as to not disrupt the feeling of nostalgia, the heritage and the feeling of the hard-earned freedom from the past. Greenery, plants, nature, narrow strips of roads lining the slopes of the hills, waterfalls, viewpoints and so much more make this little wonder of a town an extra special place for you to buy your 2nd home – a home just for yourself, a home just to relax and rejuvenate. Find yourself living there in no time with the unmatched real estate services and after sales services, along with world class advisory from Hills & Wills.

Best Realty Company in Kotagiri

Buy a premium property at Kotagiri with Hills & Wills to proceed on with the processions of making your dream home a reality, breaking through apprehensions and barriers and living at peace at probably the best hill station that you could choose – Kotagiri.

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John Sullivan Memorial | 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Lamb’s Rock | 9.00am - 5.30pm Kodanad Viewpoint | Open 24 hrs

Supply of vegetables from hills hit due to “Janata Curfew” on Sunday 22nd March 2020

Sunday curfew led to shortage of vegetables at Trichy Market on Monday, as trucks were unable to bring vegetables from Ooty, Kodaikanal and Mettupalayam. Vegetables. Usually, vegetables from these hilly places would be transported to the markets in plains from late night to deliver early the next day. But, the extension of the curfew till Monday morning has halted it which led to this situation and vegetable price hike, vendors said.

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