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Hill Stations / Gudalur

“The Village of the Basin like Valley” – Gudalur

Yet another unexplored paradise in the Nilgiris Mountain Range. On the way downhill from Ooty, towards Kerala lies this serene little village, the home to the Moundadan Chetty Community, in whose language the name of this village has been coined. Greenery, historic temples, viewpoints, estates and plantations is what this town is completely made of. Being an amazing place for get together’s (as the name in Tamil, Koodal + Ooru, suggests), Gudalur is the perfect place for a silent getaway towards peace and fresh air. Being unexplored unlike Ooty or Coonoor, Gudalur is not commercialized as well and thus can give you a rustic, blissful experience, making you forget about your busy city-life for a while.

Altitude and Weather of Gudalur

Gudalur stands at 1042m above sea level, at about 49.4 km from Ooty and around 107.8 km South of Mysore.
Temperature in summer: 19.3°C – 24.1°C, Temperature in winter: 14.7°C – 20°C.

Tourist Attractions in Gudalur

Some of the most famous tourist spots in Gudalur are the Needle Rock View Point, Mudumalai National Park, Balmaadi Estate, Nambalakottai Temple, etc.
Gudalur can be reached through the Gudalur Ghat roads. It is close to the Ooty Railway station, part of the famous “Nilgiri Mountain Railway” at 50 km and 50 km from the Nilambur Railway station, Kerala. Various cabs run between these two stations to Gudalur. The closest airport is the Kozhikode Airport.

Real Estate in Gudalur– Scenario

The Real Estate in Gudalur is strictly restricted to a very small space. This will give us a clear idea on how we can imagine the value of the property in Gudalur to be. Being one of the most beautiful Sisters to Ooty, the Queen of South India, Gudalur is rather a poetic place to live at, kindling the inner artists inside us. Rejuvenate your mind and your life by living in this little hill-town at your very own hill station property, with the strong hill station real estate services from Hills & Wills and its premium services and world class advisory – a formidable ally to have to buy property in the hills.

Buy property in Gudalur– Why Hills & Wills

Selecting and scrutinizing property or land before buying is an art in which we are Picasso’s at. Will you be able to buy property in Gudalur on your own? Maybe not. But will it happen with Hills & Wills, for sure. Farmhouse, or an Estate, or Villa, buy what you please with peace, for your inner peace, with Hills & Wills.

Investment in Gudalur – The land of Get-togethers for your family and friends.

As the name translates to in Tamil, this is the perfect spot for a fun, family getaway. While the rates or boarding is high and the availability for places to stay is low, you may be denied of your hill station vacation. This is why making a investment in Gudalur, might be a good option for you. Investing on hill station realty can also have its own perks and benefits to the investor, giving him the complete bang for buck. Tea estates and pepper plantations, ancient Moundadan Chetty culture, British and Keralite influence and so much more for you to enjoy, while living and enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the place, at your own hill station home.

Best Realty Company in Gudalur

Make your dream of a beautiful hill station home with the best hill station property management company in India – Hills & Wills with Hills & Wills. Get in touch for the following premium real estate services

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Live Weather

Key Information

Languages spoken

Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, English, Toda, Badaga and Moundadan Chetty Language

Calling code

National calling code 04262

Shopping Spots

Karangadan Complex, K.V. Complex and many more small shopping complexes

Main Tourist Spots Timing

Needle Rock View Point | 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Mudumalai National Park | 7:00am - 9:00pm, 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Supply of vegetables from hills hit due to “Janata Curfew” on Sunday 22nd March 2020

Sunday curfew led to shortage of vegetables at Trichy Market on Monday, as trucks were unable to bring vegetables from Ooty, Kodaikanal and Mettupalayam. Vegetables. Usually, vegetables from these hilly places would be transported to the markets in plains from late night to deliver early the next day. But, the extension of the curfew till Monday morning has halted it which led to this situation and vegetable price hike, vendors said.

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