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Hill Stations / Coonoor

“The Jagged Slope” – Coonoor

This hill station stands half-way to Ooty from Mettupalayam, and is a pristine little hill town, adored and visited by all hill station and travel enthusiasts. The name ‘Conoor’ in the native Badaga language means “The jagged slope” (Kunnu – jagged, uru, ore – sloped graze lands). This hill station town is famous its tea estates, the greenery and the pleasant climate that the whole of Coonoor shares. This was once the end of the iconic Nilgiri Mountain Railways that run from Mettupalayam – this shows the economic importance of Coonoor in history, especially during the period of the British rule. This little hill-town is known famously for its contribution to the production of Coonoor tea, botanical gardens, British styled buildings, viewpoints and the flora and fauna that exists – It is, the Queen’s favourite subject after-all!

Altitude and Weather of Coonoor

The Town of Coonoor stands at 1850m above sea level , at about 86 km North of Coimbatore and 128 km South of Mysore.
Temperature in summer: 10°C – 25°C, Temperature in winter: 0°C – 20°C, just as the same as in the rest of Nilgiris.

Tourist Attractions in Coonoor

Some of the favourite spots that are hoarded by tourists in Conoor are the Sims Park, the Lamb’s rock, Dolphin’s nose, Law’s falls, Catherine Falls, Droog fort, etc.
Coonoor lies halfway to Ooty from Mettupalayam in The Nilgiri Ghat roads. It is one of the intermediary stops in world famous “Nilgiri Mountain Railway” – this is the place where steam locomotives are changed to diesel.

Real Estate in Coonoor– Scenario

Coonoor is an ideal place to live at with a peaceful, healing environment that isn’t too commercialized. More and more people are inclined towards real estate in places like Coonoor to avail themselves some solidarity, peace and intimacy with nature without any hassle. The value of properties are high due to the high demand for property spaces, low availability and high amount of restrictions from local laws, construction demands, material transport and availability and thus the boarding and lodging in Coonoor is also costly and the demands are in growing trend. It is safe to say that buying premium property in Coonoor is definitely a good investment with a high appreciation of capital.

Buy property in Coonoor– Why Hills & Wills

To buy property in Coonoor isn’t as easy as putting it in paper. Buying property in Coonoor is like an adventure trail. Having a guide to guide you along the trail could be beneficial – this guide is Hills & Wills, a premium property management company exclusive to hill stations. A Farmhouse for sale, a villa for sale, etc. – Different properties, yet the same premium nature, available only at Coonoor. Buy only what’s the best, scrutinized and selected for the best climate, views, conditions and constructional demands, with the best people, Hills & Wills.

Investment in Coonoor– jagged slopes, yet smooth real estate

Properties in famous hill stations like the kinds of Coonoor are places of high demand like mentioned before, but since hill station eco-systems are very sensitive and fragile, various local laws and bodies restrict the real estate there, so as to protect the immaculacy of the place. Even if one get’s a green signal from these local legal bodies that govern over the buying/selling property in the hill stations, there are various other things like the constructional demands, feasibility and proximity conditions, accessibility, climate, rainfall, temperature, etc. that could make things jagged for the people in pursuit. But with a premium property management like Hills & Wills, and its unmatched real estate and after-sales services, and world-class advisory, what seemed to be jagged could actually be a smooth sail till the finish line – whether you’re a Resident Indian or an NRI.

Best Realty Company in Coonoor

We, at Hills & Wills combine expert hill station knowledge and experience from a lot of travelling to give you opportunities to make your dream come true – to live at your very own property at a hill station, breaking through any barriers and apprehensions that come your way. The Real Estate in Coonoor that we provide includes the following services-

  • Property buying in Coonoor
  • Property Selling in Coonoor
  • Construction support
  • Renovation
  • Rental Assistance
  • Property Monitoring

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Key Information

Languages spoken

Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, English, Toda and Badaga

Calling code

National calling code 0423

Shopping Spots

Green shop, Main Bazaar, City Mall, Tulsi Mall

Main Tourist Spots Timing

Sims park | 7:00 am – 6:00 pm Lamb’s Rock | 9.00am - 5.30pm Droog’s Fort | 6.00am - 6.00pm Dolphin’s Nose | 9:00am – 6.15pm Catherine Falls | 9.00 am to 6.30 pm

Supply of vegetables from hills hit due to “Janata Curfew” on Sunday 22nd March 2020

Sunday curfew led to shortage of vegetables at Trichy Market on Monday, as trucks were unable to bring vegetables from Ooty, Kodaikanal and Mettupalayam. Vegetables. Usually, vegetables from these hilly places would be transported to the markets in plains from late night to deliver early the next day. But, the extension of the curfew till Monday morning has halted it which led to this situation and vegetable price hike, vendors said.

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