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Construction Support at Hills

Architecture to Gardening

Wood, Stone or Brick Hill-house

Owning a piece of land in hills is midway of your dream. How to convert it into your dream villa or farm house with landscaping?

Do you know the construction in hills needs certain special skills than that of constructing a building in plains?

Architectural Assistance

To begin with, Our team of Architects clearly understand about your dream hill station property, craft the design meticulously to meet your requirements (whether it is British Style, French Style, American Style or Indian Style of construction, landscaping and gardening), converting your dream to design.

Proper design only has the power to fulfil your dreams about your property. Dream varies person to person and hence the design needs to be unique – be it a traditional Stone House, Wood House or Brick House.


Why construction in hill station is difficult and the cost of construction is different?

Many important factors like roofing to suit continuous rain, compatibility of materials with weather, foundation techniques, land slide protection, etc. comes into picture and making it a tough feat.

The cost of construction at a hill is entirely different from the costs at plains due to various reasons like transport of materials from plains to hill, working hour limitations due to weather; site – preparation on rocky uneven terrain, land slide protection revetments, etc.

Hills & Wills Exclusive – Construction Support to NRI

With our expertise in construction at hills, we can provide the following construction support services to remotely located and NRI clients is specific hill stations

  • Advisory in cost estimation
  • Recommendation of capable construction company or contractors
  • Recommendation and finalization of interior contractor
  • Recommendation and finalization of landscaping experts
  • Recommendation and finalization of Gardening specialist
  • Assistance to review bids and finalize the above agencies
  • Site visit & Expediting all the above work progress at specific interval (as per agreed plan)
  • Report to client with comments and photography at specific interval (as per agreed plan)